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Company Manifesto

Our 2 founders and business partners are huge outdoor enthusiasts from the surf, snowboard and sailing world.

Conscious and constantly aware of waste and our ecological impact of businesses nowadays, we are a member of 'Surfers against sewage' in the UK by donating monthly to help clean up the UK waters and we use bio-degradable cups for all of our outdoor events. All of our water we use for transferring and cooling our wort within the brewing process is utilized and not wasted and we strive to be as waste conscious as possible. Our spent grain is collected by a local farmer at Mile Oak Farm to feed their livestock.

We are looking into the 1% for the planet currently and how we can make that work.

All of our kegged and bottled beers are Vegan, please see the products for this information.

We are always looking at ways of improving and helping with our environment, if you have any great ideas or know of others, please do get in touch.

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